grass-finished beef


Our calves are born and raised on the ranch and graze lush pastures their entire lives. When an animal reaches the appropriate weight, they are harvested on the ranch and immediately delivered to our local processor. Every animal that we sell is born on the ranch, grazed on the ranch, harvested on the ranch, and processed locally.


We use Angus bulls on Angus x Hereford cows to utilize the genetic traits that complement our grass-fed program. These genetics tend to produce moderate framed calves that reach maturity quickly and marble on grass very well.

The cattle are moved through a series of high quality pastures to ensure that the very best forage is available at all times. The entire process from birth to harvest takes anywhere from 18 – 24 months, depending on the performance of the animal.

We harvest in the fall while the animal is steadily gaining weight and marbling is occurring.


Our calves are free to graze high quality pastures and are supplemented only with a free choice mineral that is mixed specifically for the Rogue Valley. If an animal does need antibiotics, it is removed from the grass-fed program and sold to the conventional market. Our cattle are never fed grain and growth hormones are never used in our program. Our beef is produced using only grass, minerals, and water…pretty simple.

Purchasing Beef

Our beef is sold on a Hot Hanging Weight basis to the customer; this is the weight of the harvested animal before processing. A typical whole beef will weigh approximately 700 lbs. dressed and yield 60% of that when wrapped.

You can expect to receive about 420 lbs. of beef from an animal this size and expect to pay a total of around $6.25 per pound of beef that you receive; this includes all steaks, premium cuts, roasts and hamburger. Considering the cost of retail beef, this is a great value for a premium product.

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grass-finished beef